Hat Girl

Another chapter in my AHS/Criminal Minds Crossover

It's about to get pretty crazy, but a lot of fun, methinks!!



...Here's the first three chapters, be excited, haha!  It's a Criminal Minds/American Horror Story crossover and I'm really enjoying writing is so...hope you give it a chance and ultimately really enjoy reading it!! ^_^

URL in case pic link doesn't work, lol!


I Exist

But I've been overly busy both with writing outside the realm of fandoms and with personal stuff.

Just thought I'd drop a line and give a tease...as of late an old character favorite of mine has crept back into my brain. Mr George Foyet. Specifically him, SSA Aaron Hotchner, and the OC, Julie, from:

The Eye of Providence (11249 words) by favicontook_skye
Chapters: 4/?
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Rating: Mature
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Aaron Hotchner/Original Character, George Foyet/Original Female Character
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Original Female Character, George Foyet

So often people ask me about him because they want a good story to tell their friends or put in their paper or because they think talking to me is some…link to the legacy of The Boston Reaper.

~ Previously named "Reading", but has expanded beyond the initial story/chapter

...So, all things going as they are now, I may actually have a new piece of this puzzle.
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Calvin & Hobbes

Writing Again! Joy!!

So I've set up a comment fic post right HERE that has all new fandoms available to prompt and I may actually keep open to prompting all this week...cuddar was awesome enough to prompt me anad even writing that little bit felt great! I encourage others to prompt as well, please. Remember more prompts = more creativity = more writing ^_^

In lieu of that I may also grab a random prompt table from ficlets100 and just write all whole bunch of random shorts off that without sticking to a certain fandom or anything. ...I know I'm not quite up to writing big pieces no matter the fandom or 'verse, but I feel a series of shorter pieces may very well help me to get there. :D

So...writing again...JOY!! And please feel free to prompt at the latest comment fic post throughout the weekend and such. Lots of options in fandoms and crossovers and OCs and such.

Note: Both this AND the comment fic entries are open to the public to, well, get people to prompt, lol! ;-)
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Hangover Instructions

Comment Fic Is Back & Better Than Ever!! [Prompt/Comment-Fic]

'Tis true! There's more fandom options now, haha! As always it's open to the public so feel free to bring in others, haha, and it's all weekend long!!

Gimme fandom, pairing/character(s), and a prompt

Fandoms can include:

Criminal Minds (up through Season 5), Game of Thrones (TV), X-Men, True Blood, Dexter, PoTC, Hunger Games (movie), Harry Potter, Buffy/Angel, Hannibal series, Dollhouse and any crossovers of those fandoms you may wanna see.

You can also select any of the AUs or bastardized-canons I have, go straight canon, or leave the option open for me to pick. ...And you can include OCs I've created and put them in another fandom/verse if you like too! ^_^

(The only thing I will not write is fics based on real people)

I'll write up as many as I can, more than one prompt is cool, great even, and don't be afraid to get creative, heehee! And now...

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Lil Pirate

Well I'm a Pleased & Proud "Mama" Writer!

So finally able to get back here and check on things...been off-line in the real world and writing elsewhere - gotta go where my wacky little brain takes me or it'll revolt, haha! ;-)

Anyway I checked to see what, exactly, I'd been nominated for in cmfavoritefics and was pleasantly surprised to discover it was for more than one thing. It was:

Breaking the Bonds for Best Series (link starts you at the beginning)

One Night at McCool's for Best Rossi/Prentiss Romance

The Man I Love for Best Original Character, Lilith Foyet

I'm really quite pleased overall. I worked really hard on Breaking the Bonds so it's nice it got recognition and One Night at McCool's was great because I so didn't expect it at all. And the fact my "baby girl" Lil got a nom is totally thrilling because I adore her in all her craziness, haha!

If Lil lets me I'll shoot out a one-shot of her from the Noir (where she was nominated) as a thanks. I bet I can get her chatting, she's never far off in my head in some fashion, haha! ;-)

Either way though...THANK YOU FRIENDS & FANS!!!! ^_^
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Shadow Bradley

The Replay Was A Bit Inspiring Actually

So whenever I fade out and fade back in the first thing I do upon my return is review the projects I last left. Oddly or luckily or both I still hold interest in a few, at least. Even being based in a fandom I no longer follow, haha! ...It likely helps that they're AU and heavily involve OCs or, at least, pseudo-OCs, haha!

I've cleaned out my userpics since most I couldn't use anyhow. Before I did so I screencapped the whole list in case I wish to re-order my paid account and re-upload any though. Mostly I've kept actors I always love and/or quotes that never fail to amuse or shit I made I still like :D

So...not sure when the actual writing will begin once again, but hopefully soon. I'm just gonna take ideas as they come, long or short, new or old, for the moment. Wish me luck! ...And if you have something you totally love that's still kinda a WIP lemme know, maybe a little love & brainstorming will help??

((Starting tomorrow, time/creativity permitting, I might try and swing a little comment-ficing in a new post.)
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Hat Girl

Forever And A Day

Hello all so it's been about as long as my title huh? Sorry, real life and all, haha! Let's see, updates:

I'm now 29

I've actually stopped watching Criminal Minds

I'm listed as a staff writer and writing longer pieces at Serial Killer Magazine

I have a twitter that's, essentially, trivia on criminal psychology right here: psych_files

I found new fandoms in Justified and True Blood and found myself deeply amused by the premiere of GCB

Apparently, I got nominated for something (didn't say what) at cmfavoritefics, so that's pretty awesome and, if you vote and I win, it'll be even more awesome ;-)

And, hopefully, I can think of something to write again sometimes soon whether in an old fandom or new or crossover, but who knows.

...Will be debating if I want to renew my plus account here, but I'm still thinking the benefits (extra pics, no ads, etc) outweigh deficits (losing, like, $20) so yeah.

If I feel up to it I'll restructure/update my layout in the banner and switching out user pics. But, in the meantime, enjoy the words of my new chuckle-worthy favorite "villain", Boyd Crowder:

Hat Girl

Blood Cold & Heart Warm [FanFic]

Title: Blood Cold & Heart Warm
Author: Tooks
Pairing: Reid/Ethan
Rating: FRM
Summary: Spencer couldn’t figure out what it was, but something seemed wrong as his friend slipped in through the window.
Notes: I've given Reid and Ethan about a five year age difference and how the pairing is read (slash or gen) is up to you, but I'm tagging it as slash. I couldn't think of a better title or summary for some reason. This piece is pretty angsty, kinda dark, and involves the violent sexual abuse of a male minor by a family member so (while not completely written out) it may be triggering.

Love is when one person knows all of your secrets... your deepest, darkest, most dreadful secrets of which no one else in the world knows...Collapse )
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